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Super Saiyan 4 Vegito: Xeno UM10-SEC4 Secret Rare (SEALED) (LIMITED EDITION)

$350.00 $290.00

Super Dragon Ball Heroes - Super Saiyan 4 Vegito: Xeno UM10-SEC4 Secret Rare (SEALED) (LIMITED EDITION) Card.

There aren't really words to describe this card in person. If you compare it to its 'brother' the sealed SS4 Xenoverse Gogeta, they go hand in hand. This design is more about the art popping out with simplistic but effective foil, whereas the Gogeta card more heavily utilizes the foil as a showpiece. Both are incredible for their own reasons. Both can be collected and displayed on the mantelpiece, or encased and stored in a vault.. whatever works for you.

Side note: Of course, normally SECs (Secret Rares) are the rarest card to be obtained from one of the DBH arcade machines. But very rarely (every few years at this point) Bandai Namco will release a Limited Edition Sealed Product that is essentially the 'most secret' (shh!) of Secret Rares.

The last time this was done before this set (Universe Mission 10) was a few years ago, as part of the SDBH Mission release. Those cards are now the most expensive out there, from $350 at the low-end. One day we'll find one deep in a rural Japanese hobby store or collector's apartment and chuck it here on our site for all Aussies to see!