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What made you want to bring these beautiful cards to Australia to share?

Around 4 years ago I was searching the internet one night and a picture of what is now my personal grail card popped up in some image results on google. I saved this picture in the hopes of one day figuring out what it was, where it was from and how to get my hands on one.

See it in all its low-res glory below:

Skip forward two years with countless nights of research, and I was on my first ever trip overseas - flying direct to Tokyo, Japan. For the longest time I wished to find and collect what I discovered to be Dragon Ball Heroes cards and this was one of my goals for the trip. It turns out the above card I initially stumbled upon is essentially the 'Base Set Charizard' of the Dragon Ball Heroes Arcade Card Game (ACG). Tough luck I guess, as this would make it incredibly difficult to find - especially in good condition.

So after some thinking on this trip, I made it one of my goals to hand-pick the best looking Heroes cards I could find and bring them back to share with everyone down-under. I knew there would be plenty of other people who, like myself, would immediately fall in love with the art, textured design and overall quality of these very collectable cards.


Fast forward to now and I've been to Japan three times in total, with a fourth trip planned for whenever COVID-19 restrictions ease off. It is a truly beautiful place - for every reason you could think of including culture, nature, people and especially the food. The fact that they also have the most exciting Arcades in the world which happen to include the Dragon Ball Heroes ACG is a joyous bonus.

 Pictured below is myself and a good friend I made in Osaka on my first visit. We've stayed in contact, catch up whenever I'm in the area, and now he tracks down and send over Heroes cards for me sometimes between trips. Legend.

Notice the DBH Arcade Machines behind us!


Feel free to send a message if you'd like to chat about anything I've mentioned here or just anything Dragon Ball Heroes related at all - always happy to answer any questions.
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Local Pickup Available

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