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BGS 9.5 GOLD LABEL Goku & Frieza BM5-SEC Secret Rare

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Each Graded 9.5 GOLD LABEL Card we sell will come with a random Campaign Promo bonus card, as a thank you for the continued support of our locally based business. Best of luck!

Super Dragon Ball Heroes - BGS 9.5 GOLD LABEL Goku & Frieza BM5-SEC Gem Mint Secret Rare Card.

This is a Gold Label Gem Mint copy of perhaps the most epic moment of the Tournament of Power - when Goku and Frieza band together to finally dispose of Jiren.


BGS Graded Dragon Ball Heroes cards are some of the best around for any serious collector. The super high quality art, texture and detail on these cards combine to make truly beautiful display pieces. If you have any kind of Dragon Ball or high end collection, they're a must-have.

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