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BGS 10 GOLD LABEL Ultra Instinct Goku Grail BM6-ASEC2 10th Anniversary Limited Secret Rare


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Each Graded GOLD LABEL Card we sell will come with a random Ultimate Rare bonus card, as a thank you for the continued support of our locally based business. Best of luck!

Super Dragon Ball Heroes - BGS 10 GOLD LABEL Ultra Instinct Goku Grail BM6-ASEC2 10th Anniversary.. Pristine.. Limited Secret Rare Card. Try reading that out loud a few times!

The most iconic Card in Heroes to date has received a predecessor. Bandai decided to specially release a beautifully designed Limited Print Secret Rare (that comes sealed originally) alongside Big Bang Mission 6. And it just so happened to be a second Goku Grail, this time depicting him seemingly flying through space with all forms above him.

Oh, and its in a Pristine Gold Label slab of course! So close to the coveted Black Label!


BGS Graded Dragon Ball Heroes cards are some of the best around for any serious collector. The super high quality art, texture and detail on these cards combine to make truly beautiful display pieces. If you have any kind of Dragon Ball or high end collection, they're a must-have.

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